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Kandi Burruss is a little confused about Bow Wow’s recent criticism of her, but she clarified that her absence at the So So Def anniversary party wasn’t meant as a diss to Jermaine Dupri.

“Me not coming to the reunion has nothing to do with me being disrespectful to Jermaine. I always feel like I will be in debt to him for what he’s done to my career, and I appreciate everything that he’s done, but for me,” Kandi told radio host Big Tigger.

Before the 20th anniversary party, Kandi’s label mate Bow Wow vented frustration about Kandi’s decision not to join her former Xscape members at the event.

“Kandi is wack for not wanting to show up for jd for ’20th anniversary so so def show’ put ego to the side and give the fans what they want and understand w/ out jd know one would even know who you are,” the “106 & Park” host said. “She act’n like she booked out like she too busy! Better yet dont come. The ones thats there are the ones who really got live for JD and the history if the label.”

Kandi questioned why Bow Wow called her out, but didn’t mention that Tameka Tiny Harris, wife of rapper T.I., wouldn’t be in attendance either. “He’s just focusing on me, and not saying nothing about her because he doesn’t want to get the smack down from Tip,” she said.

Regardless of how J.D. or Bow Wow feel about it, Kandi said she has unresolved issues with her former group mates, and she doesn’t really feel like revisiting old drama.

“I’m just going to be honest and tell you, I don’t feel like all the members of my group, they don’t really have love for me like that. Tiny has love for me, but over the years people have told flat-out lies about me in public, dogged me, blamed me for everything that done went wrong in their life. To me, it’s just a situation where I feel like I don’t want to go back to that,” said Kandi who reminded listeners that she was literally in high school when the drama first emerged.

Kandi didn’t identify who exactly said what, but she addressed one rumor about her having a sexual relationship with Jermaine’s father.

“To this day now, I have to see people try to say that I had sex with Jermaine’s father. She said that just to make me look bad to people. She came back to apologize to me, but she never apologized in public,” said Kandi presumably referring to LaTocha Scott. “It’s not true. It was a flat-out lie. When people do stuff to try to damage you or bring you down to the public, that’s hateful.”

Though she didn’t definitively rule it out, Kandi said she doesn’t think she’ll ever be a part of any Xscape reunion.

“That’s just not something I want to revisit,” she said.

Listen to her Big Tigger interview below.

See photos of Kandi with Todd Tucker, Phaedra Parks, Tiny Harris and more of her celebrity friends.

Is it time for the women of Xscape to bury the hatchet, or is that high-school drama better left alone? Leave your comments below.

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