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Erica Dixon doesn’t approve of her “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” co-star’s decision to release a porn movie, but she still has Mimi Faust’s back.

“Mimi’s her own person and makes her own decisions and she has to live with them, not me. I am just going to support her because I know a lot of negativity is going to come behind it. I’m there if she needs me,” Erica recently told

Though she’s pledged to stand by her friend, Erica had her own negative commentary on Mimi’s choice to star in and release the adult film.

“[I’m] just disappointed and I didn’t like it. I think it was a very selfish act,” said Erica, echoing the sentiments of many celebrities who’ve commented on the scandal.

While Erica helps Mimi deal with her drama, she’s also still trying to adjust to life after her breakup from former fiancé Lil Scrappy. While they’re working to get the co-parenting thing down, Erica assured that there’s no reconciliation coming.

“There was no rekindling,” she said about possibly giving Scrappy another chance. “We were engaged; that’s nothing you play with. We were on the verge of getting married and you still were messing with other women. Are you serious? Why even propose? We have a daughter. This is teaching her it’s okay to play with someone’s heart.”

Despite his shortcomings as a boyfriend, Erica said Scrappy is a great father, and she doubts he’s been abusive to anyone, including his ex Diamond who’s accused him of abusing her during their past relationship.

“She’s saying that because she needs a little shine,” said Erica who questioned why Diamond wouldn’t have spoken about the abuse previously.

“Oh, you’re on a new reality show. Right…I’m not dumb by a long shot. I get it,” said Erica. “Keep it real. You don’t have to fabricate anything to make yourself look a certain way.”

Diamond isn’t the only artist who’s accused an ex of abuse. K.Michelle alleged that MeMpHiTz Wright beat her when they dated, and that caused a rift between her and most of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” season 1 cast. Like Rasheeda doubted K.Michelle, Erica doubts Diamond’s claims.

“You get into little arguments and spats with your dude, but him just being outright abusive. I’m sorry. I was there before you and after you. Did I miss something?” Erica asked.

Along with the Mimi sex tape storyline and Erica and Scrappy’s co-parenting relationship, Erica said fans will also learn more about her future business moves.

“You will see my dress line on the show,” she said. “You can expect to see Erica doing her own thing.”

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