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As The Carter World turns…

Since Monday’s video leak of Solange Knowles going postal on Jay Z in an elevator, the media has been on fire with different versions of what could have happened, while Beyoncé’s sister has been thrown completely under the bus. In headlines for both the New York Post and New York Daily Times, the caption “Cray-Z” was used to describe “Beyonce’s twisted sister” and there were also reports that Solange had removed all of the photos of Beyoncé from her Instagram account. (Proven untrue!!! The only photo that was removed from Solange’s Instagram  was one of Solange, Beyoncé and Lupita Nyong’o the night of the MET Gala.)

At any rate, family always comes first. Yesterday, in an act of support and to clear up rumors that there was a rift between the two, Bey posted a series of photos of her and Solange to her Instagram account. There were also reports of that Solange and Jay Z were spotted shopping together in New York City yesterday. (Being that Solange had just tweeted about flying home to New Orleans days earlier and there were no photos of said sighting, that story could have been a PR attempt to put out a few media fires.)

What we do know is that, something fishy has been going on behind the scenes. And it all boils down to Beyoncé, Jay Z, and the matching IV tattoos that the couple got inked before their wedding to symbolize their love for each other.

Yahoo News was first to report that Beyoncé may have removed her tattoo.

2-Jay-Z-and-Beyonce-Nets-Game-May-2 Jay-Z-and-Beyonce-no-ring-tattoos

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