Todd Tucker didn’t quite grasp what it meant to fight for a woman until things got serious between him and Kandi Burruss.

“The journey was like a heavyweight fighter who fought 10 rounds and then he had to go fight 10 more! It was a tough journey, and it takes you back to past relationships when the woman says, ‘You didn’t fight for me.’ I now understand what that means now because I fought with all of my energy for this relationship,” Todd recently told

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The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” husband met Kandi while the show was filming in Africa. The two became secret lovers before revealing to production that a romance was blossoming.

Todd has to quit his job to avoid a conflict of interest and that’s seemingly when Mama Joyce started accusing him of wanting Kandi for her money.

“I am definitely not an opportunist,” he said. “I didn’t enter this relationship expecting or wanting anything from Kandi. Todd suggested that those who suggest that might be projecting their own issues onto him.

“When people say that, I think they are dealing with what is inside of them. It gets annoying because why can’t I just love Kandi for her and not her money?” he asked.

Now that he’s finally tied the knot with the woman he loves, Todd said the “feeling is amazing,” but he still hasn’t completely won over Kandi’s mom, and he offered advice for fellas who might be going through something similar.

“Revert back to what your mother told you,” he said. “Be respectful and as well as being patient. You have to see the bigger goal…I knew that at the end of the day, all that mattered was our happiness.”

Todd talks about his relationship with Riley and his mom’s interaction with Mama Joyce at

Get a peek at what’s coming on “Kandi’s Wedding” below.

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