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Despite the fact that both T.I. and Tiny have been very public, via social media, about their relationship issues, T.I. is now saying that folks need to watch what they say about him and his people. Quite a few individuals often comment on his posts on Instagram, especially ones that hint at discontent, to give him relationship advice, to scold him for his treatment of Tiny, and to take some take shots at his wife too. Knowing this, the rapper took to Instagram this week to tell people, as Will Smith would say, “Mind ya bizness! Just mind ya bizness!”

He posted this:


“Regardless of whateva….. I allow disrespect of me & mines #NEVER !!!!! Watch ya mouth & mind ya Bizness…. Best treat it like a football game…. Observe safely from da sidelines & stay off da field,unless u wanna get HIT!!!! #nuffsaid #hustlegangoverrrrthang”

He also posted this picture of himself below with a caption quoting Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes, he went deep on ‘em:


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he STANDS in moments of comfort & convenience, but where he STANDS at times of challenge & controversy.” – Dr. M.L.King Jr.” I know where I STAND. Most cats nowadays be some ‘sitdown’a**’ni**az’!!!!!#StandUpGuy #hustlegangoverrrrthang”

*Deep sigh*

I just can’t with the subliminal messages from adults. Get off social media and handle your business and then maybe other people won’t have to be on the sidelines talking about it. Just saying. #commonsenseoverrrrthang

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