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Beyoncé and her family had an amazing, fun afternoon of culture in Paris!

For the Carters, a trip to the museum isn’t just a walk around the local art house, they go to the Louvre! And when they go, they take pictures with the most famous portraits and sculptures in the world. That’s just what they do for fun.

Thankfully, Beyoncé was kind enough to share some pics from the experience on her Tumblr, and one of the best pictures from their day was the shot of her and Hov with the Mona Lisa! So the takeaway here is that Beyoncé can stand next to classic art and still be flawless! Check some more shots from the family outing below!

The Carters kicked up the cute factor as baby Blue Ivy snapped a few pics of her own!

Can’t get enough of Blue? Flip through this slideshow!


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