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Kelly Rowland kicks off Spring with Claritin in NYC

Spring is finally here, despite the weather taking its time to adjust in some colder areas of the country. And with the new changes coming, the flowers blooming, and some snow fully melting, there are bound to be tons of people across the globe experiencing the wrath of seasonal allergies.

Kelly Rowland recently became a spokesperson for the allergy medication brand Claritin, and she helped the brand start the spring season at their Kick Off event in NYC a couple of weeks ago.

As a new mother to her baby boy Titan and a new wife of almost a year to her husband Tim Witherspoon, Kelly is ready to take on fresh challenges as the weather changes. She’s even prepping to dive hard back into music, which we saw a preview of at the Stellar Awards when she reunited to perform with former Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé and Michelle Williams.

Check out our exclusive interview with Kelly below, and head over to Claritin’s website for more information on treating your seasonal allergies this spring. Also, peep her full performance at the Claritin Spring Kick Off event at the bottom.

GlobalGrind: How did you come to team up with Claritin to help them kick off spring?

Kelly Rowland: It actually happened organically. Claritin heard that I was a fan of the brand, because I’ve been using it for years. It just happened like that, to be honest. They just chose me to be their spokesperson, and I like when things happen like that. They don’t have to force-feed me any information. I actually take Claritin, and swear by it. I’ve even put my friends onto it.

What are you looking forward to most about the spring season? 

Oh my gosh, I love the change of weather! I remember being a little kid, and my mom and me would take the most beautiful walks outside. They used to always inspire me, whether it was a song that I sing, or singing “This Little Light Of Mine” – spring just has this great feeling of ‘anew.’

You and your husband Tim Witherspoon are coming up on your one-year anniversary in May. Do you guys have any set plans to celebrate?

We just want to spend some great time together! That’s about it.

You gave birth to Titan towards the end of last year. How is he doing currently, and what are you loving the most about being a mother?

He’ll be five months this week…Just the time we’re able to spend together. I love watching him grow. He’s learning about strangers, to crawl, and just all these new things. It’s just life happening right before my eyes. It’s the most beautiful gift.

What’s something you’re excited to teach him when he gets to a certain age?

I’m excited to teach him to hold the door open for ladies. [laughs]

Do you see him being a heartbreaker when he’s older?

He’s a heartbreaker now! He’s so charming even right now.

Did Blue Ivy ask to hold Titan when they first met? What was it like when Titan first came into contact with his peers? 

All my nieces, including my husband’s nieces, like to hold him. All of his cousins just love to hold him…Titan has gotten a chance to hang out with all of his cousins. I remember one of my nieces thought he was kind of like a toy. It was so cute, because she kept saying how she wanted to hold Titan and kiss him. I remember one of my sisters telling her we have to give her some room. It’s really sweet the way they dote on him.

Kelly Rowland kicks off Spring with Claritin in NYC

You, Beyonce, and Michelle all reunited for Michelle’s performance at the Stellar Awards. How did that come about?

Michelle simply asked myself and Bey, and it’s just very simple because we’re sisters, and we support each other. Always.

Can fans expect a Destiny’s Child reunion in the future?

I’m just happy that the reaction has been so great to the Stellar performance. That night was all about Michelle and “Say Yes.” She actually got the Best Video Award for that song, so we were really there to support Michelle.

So what’s coming up next for you this year musically?

I’m in the studio now, and getting excited about that. I actually am on my way to Atlanta to start working as well…I’m loving mystery right now. I don’t feel the need to tell everything about the album this time around. I just love the air of mystery.

How do you feel about more artists using the element of surprise with songs, albums, or release dates themselves?

Well, I’m happy, because I feel like with the Internet and leaking pictures, and this and that, it feels like something is new again. It’s ridiculous when it feels like everybody knows something. It’s nice when you get a surprise. I like surprises!

Who are some of your favorites right now in music?

I’m still enjoying Pharrell’s album G I R L, to be completely honest with you. I just want people who love urban and R&B music to buy it. I feel like we are a community that has to continue to support each other’s music, and not download it or take it. We are so rich in culture that we must not take from each other. We have to continue to uplift each other and support each other.

What are some of your personal goals for the rest of the year?

One is to make a killer album. I want to make a GREAT album, and I don’t want to put a title on it. Some people classify their projects as ’R&B’ or ‘Urban,’ or this or that, but I just want to make a great body of work. I also want to work hard enough to go on a great vacation with my husband and my son. Lastly, I want to get my body back to the way I looked in the “Motivation” video [laughs]. I’m getting there.


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