From…what are we eating for dinner tonight? To the shoes left in random places around the house that you trip over…all of the the dumb things couples pick about!

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Nothing makes you ask “Where do you see our relationship going?” quicker than watching someone else have their happily ever after while enjoying an open bar.

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You won’t admit you’re fighting because of your hormones. He’s not allowed to suggest that this fight is probably because of your hormones. This one is going to keep going until someone is smart enough to bring you some chocolate, or you wake up tomorrow and realize you have no idea what you were so angry about.

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Dishwashers technically made kitchen chores easier for couples. But you will never know how many ways there are to load the things wrong until someone else loads them.

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“If you could sleep with one celebrity who would it be?” Who says the wrong answer to a fake question can’t lead to a real fight?


Because you said you didn’t want any but then changed your mind… again.

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Once you’re in a relationship, “Where did I put that again?” becomes “Why are you always moving my stuff?” This argument usually ends when you find whatever you were looking for in your purse.

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I can’t be the only one who had a dream about my significant other doing dirt and woke up still mad at him in real life.

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