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You can always count on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for a good love triangle and that was the crux of this week’s episode. Here are the highlights:

Rehab & Babies

Last night’s episode got off to a slow start with Stevie J in rehab. We found him two weeks into his treatment, claiming how good the time away had been to him and how he planned to make positive changes in his life.

Meanwhile, Kalenna and Tony made their season debut and were preparing for the arrival of their son. Money issues combined with the fact that Tony wants to invest their entire life savings into a club (that may flop) plagued them. This is going to be entertaining…at their expense, of course!

Karlie Redd & Rasheeda Fall Out Again

Karlie Redd and Rasheeda foolishly met up thinking they could resolve their issues, but we know what show this is so, yeah…

Rasheeda reiterated that Karlie Redd was low down for partnering with someone else to open her store without telling Erica — who was supposed to be the original business partner. Karlie obviously didn’t think she was wrong and both women ended up bickering back and forth before Rasheeda got annoyed enough to just leave, but not before Karlie claimed she had a billion dollar business in the works. But according to celebrity net worth…nevermind. Girl, bye! All the byes that ever bye’d!

Mimi Visits Stevie

Mimi met up with Stevie at a church and recapped her meeting with Joseline that didn’t end well. We’re just still amazed Stevie didn’t burst into flames.

Nikko The Weasel

Snake, weasel, Lucifer, whatever you want to call Nikko, we all know he’s a terrible human being. Anyway, his wife, Margeaux, moved down to Atlanta to star on #LHHATL save their marriage and claimed she needed clarity from him about the sex tape situation. Nikko claimed Mimi masterminded leaking the sex tape (like we’re supposed to believe she’s savvy enough to come up with something like that on her own). We do know that she’s easily manipulated. The odds of Nikko taking advantage of her, like we all knew he was doing, and encouraging her to go along with this madness, are forever in everyone’s favor. And now, he has even more of a storyline this on the show. Congrats Mimi for being on #TeamBadDecisions, once again!

KD & Sina

KD is supposed to be this professional businesswoman, but seems to always find herself fighting with Joc’s other women. Joc’s baby’s mother Sina barged into her office while she was seeing a client and provided proof of her last sexual tryst with Joc. Sina pulled out an iPad with the evidence and the women got to fighting! KD even threw the iPad on the ground and stomped on it…in front of the client! Really? Then again, this client is most likely just as wacky for not storming out due to lack of professionalism.

Lawyers Get Scrappy

Scrappy and Erica, with their respective lawyers, met up to discuss child support-gate. Scrappy insisted he paid child support yet had no proof of this, even though it seems like there would be a paper trail. But this is Scrappy so, there’s that. The most entertaining part came when both lawyers get into a heated argument on behalf of their clients. No one came to blows, but Scrappy’s lawyer looked like he plucked her off the block on his way to their meeting.

Joc Gets Tied Up

KD seduced Joc and tricked him into allowing her to tie him up. Then, she confronted him with the footage from Sina. Joc, in a desperate attempt to fix the situation, claimed that Sina put something in his drink (LOL of the year). KD didn’t buy it. Instead, she beats him (think ’12 Years a Joc’) and left his cheating ass tied up in bed! The producers probably untied him later but it was still hilarious! Ladies, don’t get any ideas!

P.S. What the hell do these ladies see in him, anyway?

The Plot Thickens

Joseline met up with Margueax, and they left us hanging just before Margeaux revealed the tea about the tape. Since we just watched Nikko “tell the truth” about the whole thing, we’re pretty sure we know what she’s going to say. We’ll just have to check back


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