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Scared Money Don’t Make No Money?

We revisit Tony and Kalenna, and the Tony’s idea of using the couple’s $75,000 in savings to open up a new nightclub. Kalenna, still skeptical, decides to give in just on the strength of love, and we wish them the best of luck because Tony has lost money before doing similar business deals that didn’t work out so well.

Later in the episode, Kalenna asks Joseline to perform with Stevie J on opening night at the club. This means that Joseline has to play nice with Stevie in order to make that happen. But the question is, would Stevie get over the last fight they had?

Eventually, Joseline and Stevie make peace, and Stevie agrees to perform with her. 

Throwing Rocks, and Hiding Hands

Margeaux reaches out to Ariane, claiming that she wants to explain her side of the beef with Mimi. Basically, Margeaux says that she’s not trying to drag Mimi through the mud (yeah, right). She’s simply riding for her husband, because Mimi let him take the fall, so she wants to clear his name. Ariane is receptive to Margeaux’s side of the story, and presumably over Mimi’s seeming dishonesty, and gets visibly disturbed when Margeaux tells her that there’s another person who brokered the shady sex tape deal and other “business” negotiations between Nikko and Mimi, and that this person is willing to come forward to blow up Mimi’s spot.

The Million Babymamas Club

Yung Joc makes peace with K.D., but you already know it doesn’t last. Joc typically has a yearly get together with all four of his children’s mothers, and it usually goes well so he thought it was a good idea to introduce them to K.D.

As soon as K.D. steps into the room, she gives off attitude, and Sina bites the bait. Both women start trading verbal darts back and forth until finally, Joc’s wife—yes, he’s still married—and one of the other members of Joc’s harem drag Sina off to the bathroom to calm her down. Joc’s wife, Alex, talked sense into her.

“The day you give her power over you, she got yo ass!” said Alex.

She added that you don’t get mad at the woman, you get mad at the man. And in this situation, they all should have given Joc the beat down of his life. The man has eight children by four women he’s still legally married to one of the women, and two of them were pregnant at the same time. #DaHell!!!!

He is not poppin’ at all, so it’s still a mystery to me what the hell they see in him. Anyway, the other wives started going in on K.D. for coming in with a stank attitude, an K.D. got even more defensive and emotional, feeling like Joc didn’t have her back. So, she left after getting the #ByeFelicia treatment from Joc.

Mimi is Still Shady

Ariane presents Mimi with the information that Margeaux gave her with an ultimatum—either Mimi tells the truth on her own terms, or someone else is going to blow up her spot. Mimi, still trying to play the refined innocent role, gets defensive, claiming that Margeaux is trying to poison Ariane’s mind, but really, Ariane is trying to save what’s left of Mimi’s reputation. Ariane then tells Mimi that she will be participating in Margreaux’s art show and that’s when Mimi kicks her out.

A Much Owed Apology

Kirk fosters a meeting between Rasheeda and the aspiring singer Ashley Nicole. Rasheeda tells her about herself for being disrespectful from the moment they met, and Ashley Nicole initially got defensive, claiming that she was only defending herself. We all know that that is a lie, because Ashley Nicole went for Rasheeda since the day they met, so it was a relief when Rasheeda bossed up and told Ashley Nicole that she would be dropped from the label if she kept trying it. Ashley Nicole is apparently not as bird brained as she seems, because she finally apologized sincerely and all but begged Rasheeda for another change, claiming that she didn’t have anything else but that deal. Tugging at Rasheeda’s heartstrings seemed to work…for now.

Mimi’s Truth?

We’re back to Mimi in the last segment of the episode, and she claims that her life “has been a living hell since sex tape was released.” She thought she could put it behind her by writing her book and starting a new business, but still feels judged (probably more so because of the whole chronic lying thing, just a hunch). So, she says she’s going to speak her truth, starting with the person she should have been honest with from the beginning. We don’t get to see that person in this episode, but who could it be?

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