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From The Desk Of Captain Obvious

The episode opens with Mimi continuing to drag out this melodrama about whether she lied about the sex tape or not. We already knew that she did, but you know, sometimes people have to do things on their own time. She invited Stevie J over to come clean. Mimi’s version of events is that she agreed to make a tape with Nikko, but he was the one that wanted to shop it around. She then told him to use the whole “our bags got stolen at the airport” lie (which was the worst lie ever, but this is Mimi we’re talking about), but he told her to allow him to be the bad guy, and that she should play victim. Stevie’s reaction was surprisingly mature. He said he hoped she learned a lesson from this and that he won’t beat her up for what she did, because he has made worse mistakes (like allegedly leaking his sex tape with Eve). It seems like rehab actually paid off for him but uh…when Stevie J is the voice of reason, you know something isn’t quite right with everyone else in the picture.

Tony and Kalenna’s Drama

Tony and Kalenna’s storyline is almost identical Kirk and Rasheeda’s situation. You know, sleazy husband/manager not doing right by his wife and squandering their money? Yup.

Kalenna, just had a baby, but she isn’t getting help from Tony, who has been staying out all hours of the night, and coming home in the morning. Kalenna finally reached her breaking point and confronted Tony one day, during his return home from “work” at 10am after having been gone all night. She told him that she didn’t trust him, because it was similar to the behavior he exhibited when he cheated on her in the past. Tony claims he’s just working, and trying to get the club together since it’s opening soon. This conversation goes all the way left, because Kalenna gets emotional, and rightfully so, since she feels that Tony is leaving her alone with the baby and not taking her career seriously as her manager. They took it to a level of all out verbal warfare, and Kalenna even broke a plate because she was so fed up. All she ever wanted was to be heard, and for him to start getting her music out there and make her the focus. Long story short, it looks like Tony won’t be managing her career anymore.

Ariane is Over Mimi

Ariane models for Margeaux’s art show, but this obviously isn’t really about the art show. Mimi shows up to support Ariane, but to also come clean about her lies. First, Mimi pulls Margeaux aside to rehash her version of events about what happened with Nikko. Margeaux was immature, and basically started putting her hand in Mimi’s face to provoke her. Ariane stepped in and took over the conversation, and reprimanded Mimi for being so foolish, but you could tell that Ariane was coming from a place of love. Ariane’s issue, aside from the fact that Mimi is often making dumb decisions, is that the only reason Mimi is coming clean is because her spot was about to get blown. The status of their friendship is questionable.

The Proposal

Momma Dee and Ernest take it to church, where Ernest pops the question with a better ring. In a melodramatic display of affection, Momma Dee ugly cried and accepted his proposal before singing her ratchet gospel smash, “I Deserve.”

Anyone else want them to get a wedding special? That would be so gloriously entertaining to watch.

The Separation

We find Margeaux and Nikko together without Mimi anchoring their story line for once. This time it’s about their future as a couple. Margeaux, after doing some alleged self-reflection, tells Nikko that she wants to be separated. Margeaux feels like they haven’t been in a good place as a couple in a while, and that it’s best for them to split since they’ve been toxic for each other.

 Babymama Number 5?

KD calls Joc to her place because she thinks she’s pregnant. This is after that last blow up fight where she locked him out and tossed his possessions out of the window. She told him to sleep in his car to prove his love for her. Joc, instead of sleeping in his car, because we know who we’re dealing with here, actually stayed at his babymama Sina’s place, and you know they were smashing! But anyway, KD wasn’t pregnant after all, and they were grateful. KD claims that she’s finally starting to realize that Yung Joc isn’t the man for her, but we see in next week’s sneak peek that she’s probably going to entertain him yet again. Yawn.


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