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Miami Dolphins v Dallas Cowboys

They gon’ learn!

Text Messages & Affidavits Show Tiffany Thompson Aimed To Set Up Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott – blogged by: @eleven8 – Back in July, #DallasCowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, #TiffanyThompson, after Tiffany posted images of her injuries to her Instagram page. Within hours of the post, it was revealed that there was a high possibility that Tiffany was lying about the accusations and that she was really involved in a fight with Ezekiel's "new girlfriend" at the club earlier that night. According to sources, she was upset with Ezekiel and told authorities he was the one who abused her. The rookie was not removed from the team after text messages between Ezekiel and Tiffany became made available. Now sworn affidavits by friends of Tiffany and #EzekielElliott have been revealed, as well as copies of text messages that prove Tiffany lied. One friend says that they were with Ezekiel and someone named Taylor on the night in question, when they pulled up to the driveway of Ezekiel's home and saw Tiffany. Tiffany then began arguing with Ezekiel and Taylor, but the friend says Ezekiel was never came within 5 feet of Tiffany. In fact, the friend said he and Taylor went into the home and while they were walking inside, Tiffany said she was going to ruin Ezekiel's career by telling police that he hit her. That same friend then went back outside, when Tiffany asked him to corroborate her story about Ezekiel pulling her out of her vehicle and hitting her. A female friend of Tiffany's, who went with Tiffany to Ezekiel's house, told the exact same story in her affidavit. She said Tiffany was enraged when she saw another woman driving Ezekiel's car. There were two other affidavits as well. Since it was Ezekiel's birthday celebration, there are a lot of witnesses. It's unclear whether or not Ezekiel will press charges against Tiffany but I would suggest he did.

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Sounds very familiar to Chris Brown’s situation with that Baylee chick. SMH Now he got that whole No Guest Policy at the Crib!

Chris Brown Enforces 'No Guests' Policy At His Mansion – blogged by: @eleven8 – #ChrisBrown has probably made the smartest decision of his life. According to reports, he is enforcing a strict 'No Guests' policy at his #Calabasas home, in hopes of not having any more episodes like what happened earlier this month. You may recall, Brown is accused of pulling a gun and threatening #BayleeCurran in his home. Because of those accusations he was arrested. In an attempt to avoid his friends bringing over more thirsty strangers, he's limiting all parties at his crib. As far as his two roommates/homeboys, they have to submit a written guest list describing who they are inviting with sufficient details so he can decide whether he wants them in his home. Also, guests aren't allowed to bring any outside drugs or alcohol. If Chris is indeed enforcing these rules for his home, I don't blame him one bit. The last thing he wants is his life ruined at the hands of other people.

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