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Lol this is too much now!

Via Baller Alert:

1. If your homegirl has an attitude or looks shitty faced, leave her at home!! Some of you may be wondering, “What’s a shitty face?” Well, if you’re talking to a guy and he says, “What’s wrong with your friend? Why is she looking like that?”, that bitch has a shitty face. I can’t stand shitty faced hoes. Lighten up. Have fun. We in the club!! Got damn. Let’s get it in. Ballers don’t wanna be around shitty faced hoes. They want the people around them to look like they are enjoying themselves.

2. If your homegirl brings a camera everywhere she goes, leave her at home! Some ballers like to be low-key and don’t wanna attract attention. Taking pics with random chicks will attract attention. Thus, they may not wanna talk to you for fear that your picture happy friend will cause a scene. Plus, some of them ninjas be up to no good and don’t want any evidence.

3. If your homegirl looks thirsty or get star struck easily, leave her at home! If she says, “OMG, that’s so-and-so!” Or if this broad starts acting like a fan, she gotta stay home. Groupies and fans can’t roll together. It’s like oil and water. By the way, for those who don’t know what “thirsty” means, imagine a stray cat that is lost and hungry. They start following you and give you that look that says, “please take me home”. That’s thirsty.

Lol get the last two [HERE].

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