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Open Bag of Potato Chips

Ooooohhhh I should’ve been sued for this! Lol

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 on Instagram & Twitter _____________________________________ Now we all may know the feeling of purchasing a bag of chips, only to open it up and see less than what we expected. _____________________________________ Well, two people are now suing #WiseFoods for “misleading” their consumers with their bags of chips. _____________________________________ According to the New York Post, Sameline Alce and Desiré Nugent are suing Wise Foods, as they believe the company deceived them into overpaying for the amount of chips that was in their bags. _____________________________________ Earlier this week the pair filed a lawsuit against the company in a Manhattan federal court claiming the company purposely mislead their consumers by intentionally leaving their bags 58% to 75% empty. _____________________________________ Alce, who is a resident of the Bronx, and Nugent, who is a resident of Washington D.C., argue in their lawsuit, they would have never purchased the bag of chips had they been aware of the “false advertisement.” _____________________________________ Although the labels show the weight inside the bag, both plaintiffs “allege that a 2.75-ounce bag of Wise Ridgies Sour Cream and Onion chips are only filled to the 2.5-inch line — out of a 10-inch capacity.” _____________________________________ Their complaint states, “The Products are misbranded regardless of any—read more at

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