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It’s summer time ladies, and as we all feel the heat waves warming our days. So does our hair, skin and makeup. Wearing makeup especially during the summer months can be a bit challenging. Due to the fact that our skin has now become more prone to open pores and perspiration. We all want that summer glow without dare I say looking ‘greasy’ or ‘oily’.

There are a ton of makeup products and a few different solutions to help us combat that oiliness or greasy look when it comes to wearing makeup in the summer. Besides having a great skincare routine during the summer months and plenty of those absorbing powders and blotter sheets. A makeup primer is what’s going to be an amazing solution for this problem. Wearing makeup is so much fun and a great way to be express. We want it to last and stay put yeah?

Listed in my video above I go though a number of different types of primers to help prolong the wear of your foundation/powders. You can also just wear a primer alone to keep skin free.These primers that I talk about in the video above will ensure that your makeup will last thought the hot heated summer days.

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