Via Paige’s of Beauty Hey ladies and gents, today’s blog post will be on how to ‘beat face’ using drugstore makeup. Buying and collecting makeup is fun and exciting. It can also become very costly. Today there is such a huge variety of different makeup and makeup brands to choose from. For more tangible and affordable […]

  Hi Ladies, todays blog post will be on MAC Cosmetic’s and my must have shades & products for women of color. As a professional makeup-artist and blogger I have seen and tried a lot of different makeup. Sometimes finding a good brand of cosmetics can be tricky. Finding suitable shades that complement ones tone […]

It’s summer time ladies, and as we all feel the heat waves warming our days. So does our hair, skin and makeup. Wearing makeup especially during the summer months can be a bit challenging. Due to the fact that our skin has now become more prone to open pores and perspiration. We all want that summer […]

These are the best makeup brushes on the market at all different price points!