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Jay Z Performs at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

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Welcome back ladies in gentlemen! We’re weeks into Jay Z breaking the internet. We’ve rebooted the modems, reset the WIFI and ready to talk about it.

As the smoke clears we take a look at one of the most introspective projects of the year – Hov’s 4:44


With his 13th studio album Jay Z touches on topics of race, financial success and his very real personal life. In the first track“Kill Jay-Z” he puts the hyphen to the side and puts an end to not just his ego but some of his peers (Ye).

“The Story of OJ” is an ode to Black America to never to get too comfortable.

Financial Freedom Our Only Hope! Watch Jay Z break down his thought process in purchasing all the expensive art we can’t pronounce.


Nonetheless, it’s not all praise this way. Early on I had to vent a bit on Twitter:


And I still feel the same way (sort of)…If you’re not hip to MF Doom Take a listen


Both are talented artists don’t get me wrong. But that off-beat flow is in no way, shape or form pleasing to the ears. The bars are there, no doubt! – But you have to get pass the flow in some aspect to want to catch the double entendres.

But in my four weeks I’ve grown a bit and changed my views since my initial reaction. – I’m not mad by any means. This wasn’t about articulate flow or style for Jay Z at all. If you want, that check his first 12 albums. 4:44 is about poetry in it’s purest form. Hov is spilling his soul, take for instance the album titled track “4:44”.    I APOLOGIZE is at the top of every bar with no intention of a rhyme scheme. Throughout the song he addresses his infidelity with Beyonce. It’s deeper than rap. – And In the words of Chance The Rapper “Sometimes the truth don’t rhyme”. 

All facts. If you haven’t listened to the album in it’s entirety check it out this weekend you won’t be disappointed.

Catch y’all on the flipside!