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Laughing man wearing a red nose

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Lets see what our favorite F’ up has been up to over the last week, below you will find the best #FloridaMan head lines of the week ! Enjoy !

Florida man breaks into office, leaves sign in window saying ‘Secretary wanted, $17/hour’

(Thank god this plot was foiled…..)

Florida man on meth attacks mattress looking for girlfriend’s lover ‘hiding inside,’ police say

(I’ve heard of “being in the closet” but being in the mattress ???……)


Florida Man Gets Beat Up By The Easter Bunny After Hitting A Woman

(Theres video……!)


Florida man threatens to kill landscapers for leaving grass clippings on his walkway, deputies say

(its the little things that set Florida Man off )


Florida man stabbed nephew for hogging bathroom

(When ya gotta go…..ya gotta go! )