Lets see what our favorite F’ up has been up to over the last week, below you will find the best #FloridaMan head lines of the week ! Enjoy ! Florida man breaks into office, leaves sign in window saying ‘Secretary wanted, $17/hour’ (Thank god this plot was foiled…..) Florida man on meth attacks mattress […]

Not all of us end up with our high school sweetie pie and not all of us find love at first site…BUT when you do find the one, you will know! You aren’t checking for anyone else or feel like you’re missing out on something else. You’re a better person…for the both of you. But […]

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Oh snap! The internet blew up Friday morning with rumors singer Chris Brown is GAY! These rumors first surfaced with Chris’ ex girlfriend Rihanna. One of the theories regarding the night Chris Brown beat Rihanna and left her for dead is that she ALLEGEDLY peeped his phone and found out he was having sex with […]