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Now this is crazy as heck! How does a fertility clinic give a woman some one else’s embryo by accident?! They need to shut down!

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Anni and Ashot Manukyan say that they “can never forgive” CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles after the major mix-up, which occurred when they implanted the Manukyan’s embryo and that of an unidentified third coupleinto a New York woman. The New York woman and her husband, who are Asian-American, believed that they were having twin girls, only to deliver two Caucasian boys.

“They knew the day the babies were born because they had apparently called CHA and told them, okay we’re Asian and these children are white, they’re Caucasian. These children are definitely not ours,” Anni told CBS News.

The babies were born on March 31, and Anni said in a press conference on Wednesday that CHA called her and Ashot 11 to 12 days later to come in for a DNA test. Anni claims that the clinic did not inform her why they needed to get tested until they arrived and learned that they may be the parents of a baby boy across the country. A day later, the clinic confirmed that they had a newborn son.

“She said, ‘Think of it as a good thing. You have a son now.’ And I just lashed out,” Anni said. “What about the woman, you know? What is she going through right now? Thank God we got our child back but she ended up with nothing.”

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