Popeyes chicken sandwich

Are ya’ll happy now dammit! lol says the salty person over here who STILL ain’t been able to try the infamous Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich! Lol

Not surprised tho — once Popeye’s unleashed the beast — and after seeing the lines in people’s videos — hell after not being able to get the sandwich the same day it dropped in the Land — I KNEW they were going to sell out! Listen they ran out of BUNS for the sandwich and had people bringing in their own buns just to get a taste! Lol

I’mma be honest — the way Popeye’s was BIG talkin to Chic Fil A and Wendy’s — I figured this thang would be around for a minute but it turns out the Louisiana Kitchen sandwich sensation was only supposed to last til October! Ya we ain’t even touched September yet and it’s a wrap! WTF!

Anyway — here is the message from Popeye’s who by the way was blown away from all of the hype they received over their latest menu option:

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