Are ya’ll happy now dammit! lol says the salty person over here who STILL ain’t been able to try the infamous Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich! Lol Not surprised tho — once Popeye’s unleashed the beast — and after seeing the lines in people’s videos — hell after not being able to get the sandwich the same […]

Even with the good cause part. . .is $30K still worth this moldy sammich??? Via Huffington Post: There’s some pretty weird stuff being sold on eBay, but this might just take the cake. Or the tuna, actually. An eBay seller called reckoner-yorke is selling a moldy tuna sandwich that miraculously sprouted mold in the shape of Mickey […]

The addition of a tasty avocado spread adds a new twist to a vegetarian version of the classic BLT sandwich. Try this quick and easy 300 calorie vegetarian sandwich. Sure to make your mouth water.

A Georgia man apparently bit off more than he can chew.