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Georgia NAACP Holds Protest For Shooting Death Of Jogger Ahmaud Arbery

The story of Ahmaud Arbery being gunned down and killed for no apparent reason by the now arrested Gregory McMichael and his son. . .has shocked the world! The video of the senseless killing was salt added to the wound.

Since the murder [that actually took place February 23rd of this year]. . .there have been numerous updates to this case including the following:

  • the man who recorded the video of the shooting/murder wanting his name cleared from the investigation because he claims he was merely a witness to the crime
  • Gregory McMichael reportedly previously investigated Ahmaud back when he worked for the district attorney’s office
  • Arbery’s legal released a statement after footage was released of Ahmaud looking inside of an unoccupied home
  • A district attorney and friend of Gregory McMichael allegedly blocked the arrests of Gregory and his son in order to protect her former colleague

To now the latest update in the investigation. . .an unidentified resident [the day of the murder] called the non-emergency number to report that an “intruder” [Ahmaud Arbery] was “milling about” inside of a home and that he has suspicions of this person [Ahmaud Arbery] because he said:

“He wasn’t out for a jog. . .put it like that. You don’t go jogging wearing saggy pants. . .saggy shorts”  

Continue reading more on this update [HERE].

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