Sad news today with the passing of actor Ray Liotta. The movie star best known for his role as “Henry” in the 1990 film “Goodfellas” was found dead in his sleep. His publicist confirmed this news also sharing he was in the DR filming a new movie — when this happened. It was also reported […]

He reportedly passed away just 10 months after a cancer diagnosis.

The sudden loss of a creative who offered so much to black music deserves a moment of appreciation. Thompson's long list of credits span the past three decades, but here are a few classic 90s cuts that we all know and love.

A memorial service for rap legend DMX will take place on Saturday, April 24


January 26th 2020 might go down in history as one of the most shocking and saddest days…the day we lost a legend…his daughter Gianna and others in a helicopter crash. Kobe Bryant dead. Something I know I personally still cannot believe. With help from his family and fans…Kobe’s name and legacy lives on and Orange […]

It’s crazy. . .February 19th feel like yesterday when we lost Pop. Months later we were informed by 50 that he would be working to complete the late rappers album and it looks like the date has come! Announced today. . .the release date for his debut album is set for June 12th next month! […]

The story of Ahmaud Arbery being gunned down and killed for no apparent reason by the now arrested Gregory McMichael and his son. . .has shocked the world! The video of the senseless killing was salt added to the wound. Since the murder [that actually took place February 23rd of this year]. . .there have […]

It’s crazy that we will be coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Jahseh’s death. . .June 18th 2018. Before he passed. . .he said that if he died he would be reborn and the gift he left the world with his son Gekyume…has his fans believing he came back as his kid! Little […]

As Pop Smoke fans friends and family are still trying to wrap their heads around his murder. . .50 is out here trying to make sure the momentum of his music is not stalled [like the investigation into his murder currently is. . .allegedly] In fact he took to IG to let everyone know his […]

To this day and years to come. . .people will always remember the day we lost Nip back on March 31st 2019. One of the biggest takeaways from his untimely passing was how much of an impact he not only had in the music game. . .but in the lives of the people he touched […]

March 31st will be a day none of us will forget but especially the family and friends of Nip — the day his life was taken away. The Day his daughter and son lost their father. Well today — Lauren spent her morning in court [in LA] where she has officially been awarded guardianship of […]

Damn. . .When the news broke on this one. . .it was said Mac Miller was found unresponsive in his Studio City home from an “accidental overdose” from alcohol. . .cocaine and fentanyl. Almost 1 whole year later [he passed on Sept. 7th] we are now learning that Mac was allegedly given counterfeit oxycodone pills […]