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Dyana Williams Tells the History of Black Music Month

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Mina SayWhat x Dyana Williams

Source: Deion Allen / R1

Dyana Williams is a highly influential journalist known for her significant contributions to Black music, particularly her deep-rooted involvement in Black Music Month.

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As an esteemed figure in the industry, Williams has dedicated her career to promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Black music. Her passion for the art form and commitment to highlighting its cultural significance have solidified her reputation as a respected authority in the field. Williams’ profound understanding of the historical and social contexts surrounding Black music has allowed her to advocate its impact on society, shedding light on the contributions of African American artists across genres.

Ms. Williams stopped by the station to talk to her good friend Mina Saywhat. In Celebration of Black Music Month, she spoke on how Black Music Month was founded. “It was (Kenny) gamble’s idea once he went to Nashville.” Williams said. “What the country music association was doing to galvanize their industry, he felt we needed to do the same thing here in Philadelphia, but with the Black Music Association, so he founded it, it was his idea.” Williams declared.

She also recalled the moment former US President Jimmy Carter invited her to a dinner at the White House for the official proclamation. “This came about 44 years ago, June 7th, 1979 President Jimmy Carter declared June Black Music Month on the south lawn of the White House.”

Watch the full interview below!

Dyana Williams says work is far from finished. Forever advocating for the advancement of Black music, She will be curating a huge segment of the Wawa Welcome America Festival. On Broad & Locust from 11am-7pm, Join Dyana for a full day of talented artists performing FREE for our community!


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