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Black Music Honors 2019

Kelly Price! You know — Miss “She Was a Friend of Mine” (if you remember that song) or maybe you remember how she went missing?  Ok so let me throw it back real quick to 2021 (pandemic time). You might recall the news that Kelly Price was MISSING — this after she revealed she had caught COVID? The timeline was that after being hospitalized with COVID and then released from the hospital, Kelly was MIA! Prompting her family to request a welfare check to be conducted at her home to ensure her well-being. Well Kelly was in fact filed and listed as a missing person in GA (Cobb County) but then her rep came out and claimed Kelly was safe and recovering from COVID at an “undisclosed location.”

Kelly did come out that following month (in October) stating that she was free of COVID and how much she suffered from being sick:

  • Suffering double pneumonia
  • Damaged and “severely diminished” lungs (as a result of the pneumonia)

Just to name a few. Fast forward to present day — people STILL think it was all a publicity stunt, calling her a liar! So to those same people Kelly had one thing to say:

“Kiss my entire ass”