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Ole Miss v South Carolina

I love this! So today happens to be National Girls and Women in Sports Day, and what better way to show this day some love then to highlight true girl power and sisterhood on the court! During a recent Ole Miss VS South Carolina women’s basketball game, an embarrassing moment turned into an uplifting one after a player lost her wig (literally) mid game! Down on the court floor she laid but women from BOTH teams huddled around immediately to provide assistance! They worked together to get her back right and kept her concealed as best they could so the already embarrassing moment wasn’t completely televised!

While I’m sure they were able to share a laugh or two after it was all said and done, the fact remains that even in competition, these ladies were able to show sisterhood, girl power and dignity! Kudos to them!

Shout out to ALL the women and girls in sports!

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