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Does a woman have to lose weight to get a man? Read what The Black Man has to say about this one!

Dear Black Man,

I am thirty-four, single, and have with no children. I’m pursuing a B.A. in IT Multimedia. I have my own home and I am financially independent. While I have most everything in my life under control, I have had issues with my weight since I was 19 years old. I am about 80 pounds overweight. I’m very active and competitive when it comes to sports. I am not afraid to push myself to get what I want. I do date but I find it difficult to find a man to commit to a long-term relationship. Do you think my weight affects the way men see me as a long-term relationship?


The Black Man:

Hi Sherice,

As the old Proverb goes “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.” Like anyone in this world, there will be some people that are attracted to you and some that are not. It all stems from the theory Charles Darwin called “Natural Selection.” My question to you is, are you comfortable with the weight you are at? When someone is comfortable and confident in their own skin that radiates and attracts others to you. Your weight may be an issue to some people but maybe not to others.

In regards to your personal welfare, which is more important than figuring out why men are attracted to you, eighty pounds is a lot to be overweight. You should definitely talk to a doctor and/or a nutritionist to get on a diet and exercise regiment to get down to a healthy weight. Your health comes first so take care of that. You want to be healthy for when you meet “Mr. Right.”

That’s my 99 Cents Worth.