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EVERY MOMENT was captured on CAMERA LIVE, so stay tuned for more video and pictures. WATCH NOW: #Z1079SummerJam 2012: MGK, Wacka Flocka, Shaw High School Band [VIDEO] WATCH NOW: #Z1079SummerJam : Wild Boy, MGK Crowd Surfs & Climbs TO The Roof Of Stage [VIDEO] MGK climbs the stage, brings out Wacka Flocka…. WITH… AND Shaw High School […]

JEEZY did not disappoint at #Z1079SummerJam 2012. He made sure he performed every single classic that Cleveland has all known to love in the club. Check out his FULL PERFORMANCE video below. Make sure you TWEET us and SHARE pics of your best #Z1079SummerJam moments! WATCH NOW: #Z1079SummerJam : Wild Boy, MGK Crowd Surfs & Climbs […]

Guess who MGK brought with him to tear up the stage at #Z1079SummerJam 2012?!? Waka Flocka Flame and a few more surprises from the LAND! Check out the video to see the FULL performance of MGK, Waka, and Shaw High School! ALSO WATCH: #Z1079SummerJam : Wild Boy, MGK Crowd Surfs & Climbs TO The Roof […]

Summer Jam LIVE

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FUTURE lit up the stage at #Z1079SummerJam AND got the crowd hyped AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! Check out his full performance below. Also: #Z1079SummerJam 2012: The Dream FULL PERFORMANCE [VIDEO] Also: The Dream Introduces His New Fiance – DOPE Chick [EXCLUSIVE] WATCH NOW: #Z1079SummerJam: @1Future [LIVE GALERY] #Z1079SummerJam : Wild Boy, MGK Crowd Surfs & Climbs […]

Check out Ray Jr. opening performance with Z1079’s very own DJ Ryan Wolf. Ace Hood performs New Music In Memory Of Trayvon Martin #Z1079SummerJam [VIDEO] Ray Jr. & MGK get Ratchet on Stage at #Z1079SummerJam [VIDEO] Stalley Performs ‘Swangin’ at #Z1079SummerJam [VIDEO]

Rocko performed U.O.E.N.O. and the crowd went HAM. Check out the video and phtos of the full performance below:

Ace Hood performs many of your favorite songs at Z1079 Summer Jam but also took a moment to pay his respect and tribute Trayvon Martin in a new song of his newly released album called ‘Trials & Tribulations.’ Watch the full video below:

Sevyn Streeter blew up our Z1079 Summer Jam stage with her sexy dance routine while singing 2 of your favorite songs on the radio. Watch her perform ‘It Won’t Stop’ and ‘I Like it.’ More exclusive video to come so stay tuned: MGK with Ray Jr. & Stalley on stage ‘Wild Boy’ at #Z1079SummerJam [VIDEO] […]