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Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj have represented Young Money on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” and now Drake is up next! He’ll be the musical guest on the October 15th episode hosted by Anna Faris. “SNL” has not announced if Drizzy will appear in any skits, but it would make sense if he did since he […]


Mr. Tyler Perry can’t seem to catch a break these days. First Mario Van Peebles took a sideways shot at him (and other Black men wearing dresses in films) at this year’s Urbanworld Film festival and now author Touré has gone for his pearl necklace-adorned jugular. Touré debated the merits of Perry’s films with Newsone […]

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Athletes usually have a long run on ABC‘s “Dancing with the Stars,” but Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest (a.k.a. Metta World Peace) was the first to get the boot from the season 13 cast. Yes, Ron is a horrible dancer, but he could have had a longer run if he hadn’t been set up to […]


Kerry Washington stole the show at this year’s 63rd annual Emmy Awards with a sweet-heart neck line gown that wowed viewers! Kerry was among other celebs who wore the vibrant color but none as glamorous as she! Few black entertainers attended the award ceremony but we are glad we were represented by Kerry so wonderfully! […]

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Jackie Christie of VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA” has lost her mother to cancer. She had been battling the disease for years, and her struggle was included in the reality show. Jackie made the announcement this morning (September 19th) on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” Jackie talked how she’s being portrayed on”Basketball Wives LA,” how her mother […]

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No, it wasn’t the Grammys, but Common, Akon and LL Cool J were spotted on the red carpet at this year’s Emmy Awards. Akon performed in segment with the Lonely Island, LL was there representing his TV show “NCIs: Los Angeles” and did a bit onstage, and Common was there to promote his new TV […]


We’ve all heard the rumors over the years but now mainstream is blowing this story up! We’re hearing from a new source that Jay Z has a secret love child! This means the baby he and wife Beyonce are having will not be his first. The man behind this latest drama is the father of the guy […]


Jennifer Hudson recently celebrated her 30th birthday with a surprise party thrown by family and friends in DC. When Jennifer Hudson flew to DC recently for the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, she had no idea that her family and friends had planned a big surprise for her. But they did!  The family threw a […]

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There will never be a debate about who the greatest basketball players to ever play the game without it starting with Michael Jordan. Even people who never watched basketball will say Michael Jordan, because his greatness transcended his sport. Jordan’s on-court accomplishments are something to marvel at, but how used his talent to make himself […]


September 11th survivor Marcy Borders aka The Dust Lady, stops by “The View” to discuss with the ladies her life post 9/11. Watch the interview below:


WOW! Is all I can say, what a man won’t do for a little *#&@#&#&! LOL! Now that he is coming clean about his addiction to alcohol and cocaine, Oscar De La Hoya is also fessing up that he did, in fact, pose for a series of photos in fishnet stockings and assorted female undergarments. […]


Jada Pinkett and Marc Anthony engaged in some serious wack sex on Hawthorne. This scene is behind the controversial rumor that Will Smith walked in on Marc and Jada having sex which caused them to seperate. Welp, they actually (not really) did have sex! Watch Jada and Marc kiss it up! Will & Jada Pinkett-Smith Spotted […]