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So Amy Schumer is big mad at Chance The Rapper, but she’s even bigger mad at the fast-food chain Wendy’s. A few days ago Chance got into a back in forth with the restaurant about whether or not they should bring back their infamous spicy nuggets and people went nuts (even though Burger King has had spicy nuggets for quite some time and no one seems to care…. I digress)! Everyone on social media appeared to love the idea, as evidenced by the more than 2 million likes their Tweet at Lil Chano received during the engagement.

Well actor Amy Schumer isn’t all that excited, and it appears she has good reason not to be.

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Amy Schumer has a big problem with Chance The Rapper’s recent tweets involving Wendy’s. Purported worker conditions at Wendy’s’ produce vendors is allegedly less than adequate and seeing Lil Chano support the massive fast food chain evidently set her off.

However, the famous comedian was gentle with her approach. On Monday (May 6), she made her intentions clear and let Chance know she was backing the #BoycottWendys initiative.