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The Grammy’s every year seems to have people upset or confused about something somebody wore or won! It’s safe to say there a little bit of both this year at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards Show!

Ok but right to it — Robert Glasper! A name you may or may not know. He happens to be a multi-Grammy winning Pianist and Producer who last night received his 5th Grammy: Best R&B Album (for Black Radio III). This category was shared with other R&B artists including our boy Chris Brown who was flabbergasted — one at not being the recipient of the award himself and two for not knowing who Robert even was!

I personally took to the comment section to get the temperature on what was being said and apparently — Chris Brown may have been sleeping on Mr. Robert Glasper! Although most people agreed that Chris deserved to win the award — others came to Robert’s defense saying he wasn’t just a nobody undeserving of the win but a very talented man with a huge fanbase.

By this time Chris had posted a series of FSKW on the gram but today he had a change of “thoughts” so to speak and sent Robert an apology. You can see his apology and his other posts below.

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