DaBaby hits the Z107.9 Summer Jam stage!

Da Baby has been known to share his riches and in a recent exchange of hope and love — he wasted no time blessing a fan! This young entrepreneur waited 3 hours outside of a Meet & Greet held with Da Baby when she finally got the courage to catch up with Da Baby in hopes he would buy some of her hand-stitched beanies! The fan [named Amanda] and her son pulled up on him while he was shopping and with tears in her eyes she let him know how she had been trapping|living out of her car.

You can see Da Baby counting out money and then giving her a stack!

The coolest thing about this whole video [to me] — they tagged her page at the end of the video so that people could check out her page and purchase her product! Her page is tagged below as well.

See it all unfold below!

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