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So what does 20 women trying to gain the attention of one rapper look like? Well now that I think about it — that has definitely been seen before in different circumstances (lol) but in this case Da Baby was thrown to the wolves in an impromptu live Tinder-like experience with 20 women! It got […]

DJ AngelBaby

Da Baby made headlines recently after an incident happened at a club where he was seen hitting a woman on camera. The whole altercation was an accident according to Da Baby. Since, he’s been trying to find the real victim so that he could make amends in person. After the incident a woman came forward […]

This has nothing to do with that whole promoter incident. . .but stems from a “fight” that allegedly involved Jonathan Lyndale Kirk [AKA Da Baby] one of his friends and a food stand employee. This happened last month at the Dallas Forth Worth airport. Video was provided in court showing there wasn’t any assault committed […]

Ro Digga

So in a recent interview with Billboard. . .Da Baby talked about things like his favorite wrestler. . .his favorite place to perform and his celebrity crush! Which is probably your celebrity crush too! Who is it???? Watch the video below or you can scroll down and see photos of his crush crushing it on […]

Ro Digga

Da Baby has been known to share his riches and in a recent exchange of hope and love — he wasted no time blessing a fan! This young entrepreneur waited 3 hours outside of a Meet & Greet held with Da Baby when she finally got the courage to catch up with Da Baby in […]