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Tupac Amaru Shakur, born in Harlem, New York on this date in 1971, is considered by many to be one of the most influential artists of all time. 25 years after his death, his legacy continues to resonate with Hip-Hop fans around the globe. The rapper, actor, poet and activist would have been 50 years old today: In honor of his artistic contributions, check out this gallery of rare photos and videos from his short but impactful life.

1. Tupac Shakur attends “Cowboy Noir – Red Rock West” Party in 1994

"Cowboy Noir - Red Rock West" Party Source:Getty

2. Pac attends Minority Motion Picture Awards in 1993

First Annual Minority Motion Picture Awards Source:Getty

3. Tupac and Ice-T

4. Tupac with his mother Afeni Shakur

Array Source:WENN

5. Tupac leaves a New York City courtroom

File Photo - Tupac Shakur Source:Getty

6. Tupac & cast on the set of ‘Juice’

Array Source:WENN

7. Tupac with his sister Sekywa

Array Source:WENN

8. Tupac Shakur when he was a kid

Array Source:WENN

9. Interview at Death Row

10. Pac in a record store

11. Photo of Pac on the night he was shot – Sept 1996

12. Pac & Biggie together

13. A young Pac with boombox

14. Milan Fashion Week 1996

15. Pac with a fan in 96

16. Young Tupac at Christmas

17. Pac circa 1991

18. Interview with Tanya Hart

19. Young Pac with a group of kids

20. Pac as a child

21. Thoughts on Donald Trump

22. Puffy and Tupac

23. Rosie Perez and Tupac

24. Tupac with friends

25. Vibe Magazine’s Lost Tupac Interview

26. Tupac outside NYC courtroom

27. ‘Above the Rim’ Interview

28. Conversation with Uncle Luke

29. On the set of ‘Poetic Justice’

30. Tupac’s final birthday