Jay Z’s Atlantic City’s 40/40 Club has closed. The $4 million club actually shut down in October when the lease expired. Club spokesman Ron Berkowitz says the club has not operated since Superstorm Sandy flooded it and tore a hole in the roof, right around when its lease ended. Since it opened in October 2005, the […]

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From Marcy to Barclays (not Madison Square) will probably be the new slogan for Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. His rise from the toughest housing projects, to…

As someone who gets annoyed when my dinner tab comes up to $40, I can’t even imagine having the ability to shell out $40,000 to dine with President Obama and Jay-Z. But as they say, it ain’t trickin’ if you got it, and if you got it, you can attend a top-notch fundraiser for the FLOTUS at Jay’s […]

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene cited the club for several health code violations, several of which were about food being stored at the wrong temperatures. But a rep for the club said that it was all because of that fridge motor that blew right before the inspector arrived. He said […]

 Jay-Z is getting attacked by carpenters for using nonunion labor for the facelift of his Manhattan club 40/40. But the carpenters union, which erected five inflatable rats outside the Chelsea joint this week, has gone too far by shouting the N-word at management, according to Jay-Z’s rep. “The union is trying to bully 40/40 to […]

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Someone is living foul up in the Toy Building at 1107 Broadway. Five union rats popped up in front the 40/40 Club. NY.Curbed.com who reported the story, received this e-mail saying what exactly the giant rats stand for “A rat is a contractor that does not pay all of its employees the Area Standard Wages, […]

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According to Beans, an altercation during one of  Jay’s 40/40 Club venue openings tore them apart. “The sh*t stem[med] from a situation from me that happened when Jay-Z’s bodyguard put his hands on me not in a manner that was harmful to me, but in a manner where he shouldn’t have touched me period,” Sigel explained in […]