This has been something that has always been an interest to me. I always wondered as a young black woman what more was there to me. I knew for  fact the term African American never defined who I was, or who I was to become. So with this whole Kyrie Irving controversy,I decided to dig […]

This whole DR mystery has a lot of people shook and the latest details from this story ain’t helpin either! Via Forbes: Topline: Tracy Jerome Jester Jr. died in March while on vacation in the Dominican Republic, a death previously unreported despite nine mysterious American tourist deaths since April (and 11 in the past year) in the island […]

For singles in America, if you like it you don’t necessarily have to put a ring on it anymore. Results of’s second annual Singles in America survey show nearly two-thirds of singles are unsure about getting married in the future. A decent portion of Americans over the age of 21 still want to jump the […]

Comedian Katt Williams chatted with CNN’s T.J. Holmes about the controversy caused by remarks he made about Mexican-Americans at a recent comedy show. Watch the interview below: