AKRON, OH (WOIO) – Authorities are on the scene of plane crash in Akron. It happened just before 3 p.m. The FAA says a Hawker H25…

The best and worst thing about social media is that you can instantly respond to a rumor with or without thinking before beginning to write.…

The police always report from heinous crime scenes saying things like, “In my 35 years on the force, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Well, this time, we believe them. James Parham, 75, has been accused of providing crack and prostitutes to the elderly residents of the New Jersey Englewood Senior Living home. In other […]

Even the uber-rich go a little too far sometimes. This isn’t one of those times This is the living room of a unit at 15 Central Park West in Manhattan that was recently purchased by 22-Year-Old Ekaterina Rybolovlev for $88 Million. That’s $40 million more than the apartment that held the title of the most […]

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Remember Jimmy McMillian and his “Rent Is Too Damn High” campaign in New York City? A woman by the name of Felice, lives in Manhattan’s Upper West Side (near Central Park) where apartments rent for an average of $3,600, however, she managed to snag an apartment for $700 bucks. Granted the apartment is only 90 square […]