Ladies and gentlemen this next Apple update is litty! Features that apps like Instagram already have in place. . .are expected to make their IOS debut by next update! First: we [iPhone users] will be able to unsend text messages! Hello! You know how many times I was in my feelings and sent that paragraph […]

The iOS update is likely to come in September, but those willing to risk downloading the beta version are already taking advantage of the new display feature. The best thing for an iPhone finally came 👀🤤 — Hussain Patel (@hussain_1p) June 26, 2019  


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Now this is bizarre. A body was found this morning at the Apple headquarters in California. It’s being reported a “possible suicide” by police. But the craziest part is that Apple’s stock plummeted overnight by more than 7% which caused the company’s value to drop by about $40 billion! Sheesh that’s a lot of money! […]


When the latest iPhones came out, many people complained about them being way too big! Well now, rumor has it that Apple has heard the…

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Apple released new products during their latest Keynote address today (September 8) in San Francisco. The company announced a new larger more powerful iPad called…

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Did you expect any different? After becoming the “first hip hop billionaire” when Apple acquired his Beats brand for $3 billion a few months back, the hip hop cash king raked in a reported $620 million, easily besting the likes of Beyoncé, Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber and Toby Keith… combined. See who else made the […]

The iPhone has everyone talking, but that’s not the only phone out there people! There’s a newly released Samsung Galaxy that some believe is better than…