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Apple Launches New IOS14 IPhone Software

Ladies and gentlemen this next Apple update is litty! Features that apps like Instagram already have in place. . .are expected to make their IOS debut by next update!

First: we [iPhone users] will be able to unsend text messages! Hello! You know how many times I was in my feelings and sent that paragraph of a message going off — hesitant to hit send but I do anyway and chalk it up like “oh well it’s sent now” LOL. Well now you will able to unsend that same message. On top of that we will also be able to edit or recall recently sent out messages AND EVEN recover recently deleted messages! Now that might excite some of ya but could be scary for others lol smh.

Updates big for our lock screens too! Wall papers that usually get covered up by the time. . .will now have that same photo upfront and better displayed. [You can see exactly what I mean by that here]. Updates like live texts and look up enhancements. Wallet adds and also an update to Car Play which I am excited to see personally.

Also in this update — iCloud sharing for all of those family photos! Yup this update will give families new way to share photos instead of having to send 20+ pics thru text messages!

Look I had to go straight to the source to get all of this but there is so much more I didn’t mention from what I gathered. Go see for yourself what’s to come with the IOS16 update — HERE.

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