Thousands of fans come out to support there home town hero Lebron James in effort to make him stay in Cleveland. Akron University held the Lebron James Appreciation Day on June 19. Many Wondered if Lebron Himself would show up to the event… see if he did in these clips below. Music Contains Adult Content

”This is home for me. I love this place. I love Akron, Ohio, to death. Every day I wake up, I understand that I’m not only carrying myself as an individual, but I’m carrying the city. No matter where life may head me throughout my whole life, I’m never gone from here.” -Lebron LeBron James, […]

Firestone Country Club’s South Course has, arguably, been featured on television more than any course in the world, the home of televised weekly two- and three-player matches in the 1960’s and 70’s and host to numerous PGA Tour events. The Professional Bowlers Association was founded in Akron in 1958. The last 11 years, though, since […]