At Club 83 in Chicago, where Bobby V and Joseline held an ALL WHITE PARTY. And it went DOWN!! Judi from OXYGENS Bad Girls Club and Joseline from LHHATL gets into argument and Joseline attacks Judi. After the White party Judi meets Bobby V at the hotel . . . .while in the lobby Joseline […]

Looks like Fannie heard everyone’s been talking about her and the rumors surrounding her son’s father, Antwaun Cook. At the end of last week, stories were swirling about Antwaun hooking up with a member of the “Bad Girls Club,” and on top of that sites were reporting the singer had a bit of a breakdown on […]

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“Bad Girls Club” star Judi Jackson, who appeared on the most recent season in New Orleans, is wanted by the police. According to TMZ, after being pulled over last month for erratic driving on suspicion of DUI, she was arrested but… While cops searched her vehicle, they claim Judi climbed out of the squad car […]

Celebrity Gossip just learned that some CRAZINESS happened last night in Atlantic City, NJ. Former Bad Girls Club star Tanisha Thomas was having her BACHELORETTE PARTY – and she invited a group of her BAD GIRLS CLUB former castmates – including Natalie Nunn and Flo. Natalie Nunn and Flo have been having a WAR OF WORDS […]

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Reality Television: Real life interaction between real people that is recorded and edited into something that turns out not be real.  Why do we love this nonsense so much?  This will always be a question of the universe.  I make it a point to go into my DVR and record them every week. This boggles […]

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Bad Girls Club star Christina Hopkins was caught in a racist rant saying the N-Word twelve times when speaking about a Black woman while she was eating at a restaurant.

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As if any more hair weave needs to be pulled… The Bad Girls Club is back with even more ditsy “I think I’m bad b*tches.” The token black girl and princess white bleach blonde chicks are in the house, with much scripted drama to fill an hour episode.

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On Part II of “The Bad Girls Club” reunion, host Perez Hilton asks housemate Natalie Nunn, a rumored ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown, to set the record straight on her commentary on the Rihanna beating, for which she once said “She’s a punk b****! She got her ass beat for a reason!”

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Last night on the Bad Girls Club, Natalie Nunn claimed she and Rihanna had a run in at a night club that security had to break up.

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The high point of the reunion came when Natalie and Flo went head-to-head. The low point came when the show ended mid-fight and promised to continue next week on Part II. But we've got a sneak peek!