A notorious criminal organization is being blamed for an attack that took place inside a restaurant Monday night. According to authorities, gang members unleashed a bag of roaches inside the business as an act of revenge. Video of the incident, released by the Taipei Police Department, shows two men running into Taiwan’s G House Taipei […]

I’m not quite sure how Nicki will receive all of Bizarre’s sentiments, but what happens when/if Bizarre becomes involved with a different female? But then again, couldn’t the same be said about Drake getting a tattoo in remembrance of Aaliyah? The past couple weeks we’ve seen fans get tattoos showing their loyalty to both Drake and Lil Boosie, […]

It’s bad enough when regular people display extraordinary amounts of thirst, but when rappers do it (and over other rappers), a new low is reached. I for one am disgusted. I mean,  how can D12′s Bizarre even afford to get a tattoo? There’s absolutely nothing worse than witnessing a veteran rapper steep to new lows in […]