Cops arrested a 49 year old woman and her 21-year-old daughter after they beat up a 71 year old woman working at an Ohio Walmart. It jumped off when the two women, Ashley Jackson and her mother Toni Duncan, entered the Wal-Mart and walked to the super store’s customer service desk. When no one helped them, […]

Now for an episode of when playing with crayons go bad. WOW! Mariah Carey celebrated her 42nd birthday on Sunday by coloring her baby bump. I know right. Anyhow, check out her tweet. You can see her belly and of course a butterfly on her tummy and the phrase “dem babies” on top. I can […]

Check this story out! An honors student pistol whipped her mom into buying the teen a sports car. R U KIDDING ME? Nope! 17 year old Rachel Hachero couldn’t get approved by herself at a Florida dealership. The kid went home and asked her mom who said no. That’s when all hell broke loose. She […]

Insiders tell us ABC is working overtime to land an interview with Chris Brown and his ex boo Rihanna! We toldja last week ABC “temporarily” banned Chris after he went into a violent rage following an interview with host Robin Roberts. Now they’re milking it for all its worth in an effort to get Rihanna […]

Japanese researchers have grown sperm in the laboratory for the first time. If the breakthrough with mice transfers to humans, it could open up IVF treatments for infertile men. Scientists created the sperm from the testicular tissue of mice and successfully produced a dozen baby mice with it. Biologists have been trying to make sperm […]

You know something is really wrong with the world when you start to see “BOTOX BABIES”! Britney’s mom sticks needles pumped with botulism into the 8 year old’s face once every 3 months. The 34 year old mom who now lives in San Francisco, buys the crap online and then sticks her kid in the […]

AT&T is buying T-Mobile for $39 billion which will make it the largest cellphone company in the U.S. Damn damn damn! Not good because less competition means higher prices for US the consumer. Now there will only be 3 wireless carriers with nationwide coverage (VERIZON,SPRINT & AT&T). Sprint was talking to T-Mobile but AT&T snuck […]