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You know something is really wrong with the world when you start to see “BOTOX BABIES”! Britney’s mom sticks needles pumped with botulism into the 8 year old’s face once every 3 months. The 34 year old mom who now lives in San Francisco, buys the crap online and then sticks her kid in the eyes, forehead and lips. Why is she doing this…. She wants her daughter to become a STAR!!!!!!!!!!! Lawd I’m on the floooo!

“She’s a lucky girl and is going to be famous from this”, says mom who also likes to stick herself too with Botox. The kid says her friends at school think it’s cool and she checks for wrinkles every night. When she sees a wrinkle she asks mommy for more injections. If you are not on the floor yet, please sit down because I’m almost done with this hotmess! The 8 year old says “I also want a boob and nose job soon so I can be a star.”

Believe it or not, there are NO laws against these types of procedures here in the U-S or U-K. The industry is self-regulated.

via. blackmediaSCOOP