I love the new generation but I imagine that I look at them the same way my parents gen looked @ us. Certain things I just dont understand like the whole “live phenomenon”. When we were coming up (classic old n**** statement) we did things to keep our vices or crimes under the radar. We […]

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The Queens rapper took it to Twitter to remind everyone why she's been the hottest female rapper in the game for years on end.

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Courtesy of Bossip Dot Com Was this done for publicity? To make headlines?  To get everyone talking?  Well, whatever the reason being it is definitely working…

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So during a red carpet interview at yesterday’s BET Awards, Rick Ross was asked by a ballsy Bossip correspondent, “How do you feel about Bossip giving you the name ‘Officer Ricky’ ?” Alright now that alone would be enough for a night’s worth of laughs but the hilarity began even before the question was asked when Bossip flashed“Rick ‘Officer Ricky’ Ross” in […]

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Computer firm Apple has approved an iPhone and iPad application which claims to ‘cure’ gay people.

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WTF! lol Literally! You won’t believe this babies first word! At 1st I chuckled, then I realized it really wasn’t that funny because the parents encouraged it. What if this was your child?