Footage of the peaceful truce has started circulating online this week. Kanye clearly had a change of heart recently. He was spotted leaving the airport when he saw the same photographer. They settled things and it was captured for all his fans to see. (Complex) Around mid-October, Mr. West got reported as attacking the female […]

Ladies, what’s the first thing you REALLY notice in a man? Well, one guy did placed hidden cameras all over body and did an experiment to see just what parts women paid the most attention to. Check it out below: Source [ione-gallery id=”363877″ src=””%5D

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Rapper-actor and former “Dancing With the Stars” cast member Romeo Miller chatted with with RumorFix cameramen about his love for actress/singer Demi Lovato. “Next time y’all see Demi Lovato, tell her Romeo said, ‘Hi,’” he told the cameraman. “Demi Lovato, if you see this, this is me proposing to you right now,” he added. “I […]

DJ Khaled Took EveryBody Behind The Scenes Of Im On One Caught @MissInfo.TV 

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Some students joke that their teachers have eyes in the backs of their heads. A New York University professor is now closer to that reality, having had a camera surgically implanted into the back of his cranium.