Michael Vick had some advice for Colin Kaepernick on how to get back into the NFL…..Ive got some words for Mike ! Enjoy !! Be sure to follow@DjKNYCE, @TheDayPartyCLE & @RoDigga on IG !

I never ever ever ever ever could understand the concept of running trains, and being gassed for sloppy seconds. Seems like the perfect scenario for a rape case if you ask me……enter todays dumb ass…A$AP Bari ! Be sure to like & Subscribe & be sure to check out my podcast on The LOAD Network […]

Sometimes people get mad at me for who I decide to make the #YBD…..I dont give a damn. If you are the type of person who values “likes” over “life” or “freedom”, you my friend are a DUMMY. And that seems to be exactly the case with todays contestant. Enjoy!

Where have all the good teachers gone?? What happened to the Ms. Johnsons of the world?? You know, coffee stained teeth and cigarette breath masked by an Elizabeth Taylor fragrance??? sigh. Check out the action below and be sure to tune into @thedaypartycle (IG) everyday 3p-7p !

I love the new generation but I imagine that I look at them the same way my parents gen looked @ us. Certain things I just dont understand like the whole “live phenomenon”. When we were coming up (classic old n**** statement) we did things to keep our vices or crimes under the radar. We […]

This one really speaks for itself….we have to do better when it comes to social media responsibility. Regardless of our theories or feelings we have to consider that there could possibly be real people involved…….real people from OUR city.


YG’s MY Krazy Life Tour will be in the 216 May 1st !!!