Cleveland police officers were shot at in an encounter with dirt bike riders. Keep scrolling to see the video. Back in August on the West Side of Cleveland (near West 65th), police were attempting to clear a large crowd. During this process, a dirt bike rider crashed his vehicle. When police went to question him, […]

A family in Cleveland, Ohio, who lost their 13-year-old daughter at the hands of police in 2019, are now suing the city for $20 million dollars.

Cleveland police are trying to put the cop who murdered Tamir Rice back on the force, but Tamir's mother and people nationwide are fighting to stop the outrageous move. WE NEED YOUR VOICE EVERYONE!!!!!!! Add your voice at — MoveOn (@MoveOn) June 7, 2019  

Police officers in Cleveland arrested a boy who appeared to be about six years old and got agitated as a bystander asked why they were full-on arresting a kid who looked like he was in second grade. No one is able to provide an answer, and instead everyone got upset at the person filming. It’s […]

Two officers who were involved in the death of Tamir Rice are facing disciplinary charges.

According to a new report, the grand jury in the Tamir Rice case failed to vote on the charges against officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback and is the same panel that decided to not indict the pair.

Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty says that a law prevents him from releasing grand jury transcripts to the NAACP.

CLEVELAND — The family of Tamir Rice is asking the Department of Justice to intervene in the investigation into the police-involved shooting death of the…

Lawyers for Tamir Rice's family have released two outside reports that call his shooting "unreasonable and unjustified."


ROCKY RIVER, Ohio — A Cleveland police officer acquitted of charges in a deadly 2012 police chase and his twin brother were due in Rocky River Municipal Court…

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) –19 Action News has learned that there has been significant movement in the Tamir Rice shooting investigation. Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Ronald B.…

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About 1,510 Cleveland, Ohio police will be equipped with body cameras, nearly 10 weeks after an officer shot and killed a 12-year-old Tamir Rice who…