On Sunday June 12th Rapper and Actor Ice T will be co-starring in a reality TV series with his wife Coco aptly titled, “Ice Loves Coco.” The E! network will chronicle the couples day-to-day life as they manage their respective business ventures and their almost six-year marriage. In this exclusive interview with TheUrbandaily the couple […]

Ice T’s wife Coco held a launch event for her new line Licious at Grace Hotel in New York on Sunday. The buxom blond was busy showing off her revealing line that included dresses, sweaters and jeans.  The line is described as being “For the everyday woman with curves.” See more pics at RELATED […]

If you’ve ever wonder how Ice-T and Coco got together, look no further than this teaser ad for the couple’s upcoming E! reality series, Ice Loves Coco.

Rapper Ice T and his 'vanilla boo' Coco have been the hottest mess of a hip hop couple for nearly a decade straight and are still going strong. This past weekend, Ice T brought Coco out to the beach in Miami for a little fun in the sun. SMH! At some point, Ice T is going to have to realize two things:

Like every other celeb, Ice-T and Coco hit the beach for the holidays. Check out Coco frolicking around in a bikini that can barely keep her covered and Ice-T just being Ice-T.

Coco posted this mind-boggling shot of her behind to her website recently!